Improving  Life  Quality

Learning how to give a massage is a gift that keeps on giving.
Not a couple?
Come take the class with a friend, family member, or anyone you would like! 

This class will teach easy to learn massage techniques aimed at relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief. 

Workshop goals
During each two-day workshop only one couple are attending this class.
My desire is to give each couple maximum attention and to teach them as much as possible.
I want to create an environment where each person feels free to ask questions during the workshop.

This is a two-day fun-filled, information packed, hands-on workshop with a focus on easy to learn massage techniques, which are customized

for your body type, conditions, injuries, and lifestyle.

Learn, practice and receive the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of massage, developing skills that will serve you for a lifetime. 

During your hands-on training, you will learn the benefits of massage, how to create a relaxing environment, basic massage strokes, and how to give your partner a massage.   

I will work with you to customize a private training that meets the needs of you and your partner, addressing your specific concerns and questions. 

You will have a choice of doing the training on a massage table, in a sitting position or on the floor so you can continue practicing even if you don’t have a massage table at home. 

Whether you want to learn about therapeutic or relaxing massage techniques, we will tailor the class to your interests so come to class ready to give and willing to receive! 

Select your preferred treatment modality from the list.

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What you need to bring

  • Please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.
  • I will provide all massage equipment, so all you need is an open mind, a pen and a notebook.  

Workshop Details

  • Day 1 – morning

•   Relaxing and interactive intro: each person gets a full body 60 minute relaxation massage from me while the other person

    observes the massage mechanics.
•   First 90 minute hands-on session: working in tandem with the professional massage therapist, start building massage skills

    on your partner, then have your partner practice on you.
•   Lunch break (meals are not included in the workshop price but recommendations are available).

  • Day 1 – afternoon

•   Second 90 minute hands-on session: the person who got the massage in the first session will now be the one working in

     tandem with me to give one.
•   Questions & Answers.

  • Day 2

•   Third and fourth 90 minute hands-on sessions: additional practice and an opportunity to expand and deepen your skills,

     as well as to receive massage from your workshop partner.
•   Two 60 
minute four handed massages (one 60 minute massage each) during which your workshop partner and I will work

    on you simultaneously, mirroring each others’ movements (for example, both your legs or arms are being massaged at the same time). 

  • 10 hours receiving massage, 5 hours per person.

Total price for this two-days workshop is only Euro 390 per couple, only Euro 195 per person

At this time CashPayPal and Google Wallet payments are available. 
Please send 

Private couples massage class is not intended to replace, nor should it be confused with professional massage education or continuing education.

Where will the workshop take place?
My classes a currently held only in Europe – Croatia – Istria, but if you would prefer that I come to your, or any other location, that is also an option. Please get in touch with me with confidence and benefit from my professional experience.

I would strongly recommend that you book your accommodation for a little longer than the workshop. There are marvelous things to see and plenty of nice things to do in this location. Take advantage of your trip for sightseeing, experience the local culture, food and everything else that sparks your interest. 

Since the Roman 
times the Istrian peninsula has been called “Terra Magica” – “Magic Land”. Travel back in time as you enjoy life in all its colors while you visit nearby Istrian villages, towns and national monuments. Explore and feel how Istrian “Magic Land” will positively affect you too. 

Your accommodation is not included in the workshop price but I strongly recommend that you book your apartment or room at

Apartments and Rooms Barbara.

CONTACT ME to check on class availability before you book your room. 

Contact your accommodation hosts directly by phone or email and perhaps get better rates than going through for the same room.
For more information about Apartments and Rooms “Barbara” please click 

Of course, you can also book your own accommodation elsewhere but if you book directly with the partner company you can get a better price.

Please note that the therapist was trained mainly in the U.S.A. and uses English as a primary communication language to explain about modalities and treatment procedures. I do speak also Croatian and understand some Slovenian, Italian and German. 

Thank you for having 
me in your schedule and as a couple for having the desire to bond, re-connect and learn a new, fun way to

grow closer together. 


Two-day fun filled, information packed, hands-on workshop – Private couples massage classes; Easy to learn techniques; Lifetime skills; Relaxing benefits