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How can you get a FREE Therapeutic Massage?

The Help For Health project – Donated Therapeutic Massages is available to every person who wishes to participate

and fulfills the basic requirements.

SBT Donated Therapeutic Massages are currently available only in Europe.

Please note that the number of people who can receive a free 1–hour therapeutic massage depends on the generosity of the donors. 

If you can, please use social media to Like and Share this project with your family members, co-workers and friends.

Together we can reach more good–hearted donors and help more good–hearted people.

As a personal contribution to this project, after every 4 donated massages, I will donate a massage to the 5th person.

Together, we can help reach more people on the waiting list.

I will post on social media when enough people have signed up. I will reopen the signup process as donors contribute to the project. 

I will do my best to work with your schedule. However, please be flexible with your scheduling times. 

If you are unable to come for your scheduled therapeutic massage, please let me know 48 hours in advance.

This will let me schedule someone else. 

Only a few people will be shown on the WAITING LIST. 
Everyone else who signs up for the free 1–hour therapeutic massage will be in my database.
When people are cleared from the waiting list after receiving their 1–hour therapeutic massage, I will post new names. 

There are only 3 requirements that you should be aware of before you sign up. 

1 • The person signing up for the free 1–hour therapeutic massage should need professional therapeutic massage

yet is not in a financial position to afford this care / treatment. 
Please respect this requirement and be honest with yourself.
It would be unfair to take a spot from someone truly in need. 

2 • The person on the list for a free 1–hour therapeutic massage should be able to come to my massage studio.
Therapeutic massages as part of the Help for Health project are provided at my massage studio. I do not provide your transportation. 

3 • Don't let the chain of love end with you!

Please listen to this song from Clay Walker – "The Chain Of Love" Link here

Please bear in mind that all donors that contribute to this project are wonderful human beings that have a giving heart and are

touched by your hardship. They donate as an act of kindness, compassion and love.
In your own way, within your possibilities, at a time when it is most convenient for you, please express your humanity and love

to a person in need of that what you have to share with them. 
Let us spread goodness and humanity!

Your privacy:

When you sign up, please provide your

• First name 

• Last name

• City

• Country

• E–mail

• Telephone number where I can call or send an SMS

This website will only list your

• First name

• City

• Country

Your last name, E–mail and telephone number will only be stored in my database on my laptop.

This will enable me to get in touch with you to schedule your appointment.

When I contact you, I would like to hear your brief story and post a few words about your story under your first name on the waiting list page.
Your honest words will help donors get a feel for your hardship (the social, financial and physical aspects), touch their hearts

and inspire them to help you.

You can get in touch with me by E–mail. CONTACT ME

Each person that comes to me for a free 1–hour therapeutic massage should bring a printed and filled out intake form. 
Link here

If you would like to have your Thank You note posted, please CONTACT ME by E–mail with your text in English.

Thank you for participating in this project !