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​I have used Zvonko Bacar as my massage therapist for many years.  He gives the best massages!!  He has excellent technique, and is very knowledgeable about massage therapy.  He knows how to work the muscles just right to get the knots out, and relieve pain.  He is always very professional, and I feel like I get my money’s worth.  Whether I need a light or deep massage that day, I always feel completely relaxed when it is done.  I highly, highly recommend Zvonko. 
Phoenix, Arizona – USA​


​I have been a client of Zvonko for over 12 years. I knew on my first visit that he was a very gifted therapist. Shiatsu massage is my favorite, and extremely beneficial to my body whether for stress release, to improve my range of movement and flexibility, relieve joint discomfort from my arthritis or have relief from a sports injury. I would always leave my appointments with release of all problem areas, and a profound sense of wellbeing.
Zvonko is a gifted therapist, one who intuitively through his education and experience understands the body from more than a solely therapeutic perspective.
His knowledge of anatomy and physiology is very comprehensive, but he also skillfully integrates a holistic approach to his treatments with a blend of massage modalities, uniquely his own style.
I would highly recommend Zvonko to anyone fortunate enough to have him as a therapist. He is dependable, professional, kind and compassionate, knowledgeable, strong yet gentle, and a true healer!

Carole Sante
Phoenix, Arizona – USA


For ten years since May of 2002, I have had a good fortune to have experienced Zvonko Bacar’s massage work. When I first met him, I was curious about Shiatsu massage. For many years, I found Zvonko’s Shiatsu massage to be deeply relaxing, relieving tension and stress. Later when I experienced some health concerns, Zvonko was able to help me with massage techniques for carpal tunnel, sore joints and deep tissue work.

Whether you wish to have a relaxing massage to take away stress or require therapeutic work I would highly recommend Zvonko Bacar. He is very professional and experienced, deeply caring and really good at what he does!

Lee Ann Aronson
Chandler, Arizona  – USA


Massage therapy is an essential part of my life. I have found that when I get monthly massages, both my body and spirit feel healthier and more refreshed. Regular massage can help prevent injury, help perfect posture, and increase circulation in the body. Zvonko has an amazing gift for healing. He has a deep understanding of the human body and how it works. He is kind, helpful, and a caring friend. He will make your experience personal and comfortable. I was lucky enough to be a regular client of his for five years, and he was and still remains one of the best in the business. 

Tom F.
Arizona – USA​

Zvonko Bacar has been a friend of my wife for as long as I can remember.
The first time I used his services was when I had a severe back pain. He worked out the knots and after a couple sessions and all was well in my world.
Skip forward several years to 2006. I was riding down the freeway on my motorcycle and was rear-ended by a woman into the car in front of me.
This shattered both bones in my forearm. After nine days in the hospital, they put Humpty Dumpty together again, but there was a catch … I could not pick up a sheet of notebook paper.
Well, I started therapy and told my Therapist I was going to also use a Message Therapist.  The Therapist was reluctant, but he knew I was serious. After a couple sessions the Therapist saw the benefit in Zvonko’s work. He said: “Have him work on X this time” and so it went. I was done with therapy in one-third the time. Not only that, but I regained 100% usage of my arm, something even my Surgeon said was pretty much going to be impossible.
Skip forward to 2015. I had a stroke, due to a deadly shortage of Potassium. It was bad, one step worse was a coma. I got home from the hospital and once again could not lift a sheet of notebook paper … albeit from a different cause.
I had to learn how to hold a fork, how to walk, how to tie my shoes … things a normal three year old has down pat.
Well, Zvonko visited the United States for a three month stint and stayed with us for several weeks. He was ruthless and worked with me for all I was worth. He got my walking sorted out, got my upper body working again, got my innards so I could control the potty stuff. In all, my Naturopathic MD said that I was his absolute best stroke patient he had ever worked with. My Doc will no longer shake my hand because I might break his.
In short, Zvonko has helped me out of two major issues in my life. Both would have not turned out anywhere near as good as they have.
Zvonko Bacar: Great Friend. Personal Savior. My Hero.

Pete Aronson
Chandler, Arizona – USA


​Zvonko was the best massage therapist that l have known. I had two other massage therapist before him, but I was not satisfied with them. Their massages were not deep, and l wanted someone that gave deep massages. Zvonko was highly recommend to me and l found out he was as the best! It was a very sad day when he moved. Since he left I have not had another massage, l don't think anyone can replace Zvonko.


Phoenix, Arizona – USA​

I am a 52 year old woman.  I have a very busy life filled with joy and stress!  I love my job as a medical practice manager but it does require me to be at a desk, hovering over a computer for much of the day.  I have been very successful in my career and in my relationships with family and friends. I contribute a lot of that to the fact that I take good care of myself so I am able to give all parts of my life the attention they deserve. Part of that routine has been having regular massage. I first discovered Zvonko as a referral from my daughter. He helped me to realize the huge benefit of massage for stress relief and muscle aches and pains. I am a huge advocate of massage and the spiritual and physical benefits of it!!!  On the occasion when I have missed my scheduled massage I could feel the difference in my mental and physical well being. Of all the things I do for myself it is one of the most important. 

Debbie Walz
Arizona – USA​