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Lomi - lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques, nut oils, and breathing to

restore energy and soothe the body.
It is also known as the "loving hands" massage.
This name helps to explain its principles - the massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes,

allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch. 

Lomi - lomi works from the belief that memories are not just stored in the brain and mind, but also in every cell of the human body.
The long, continuous strokes of the massage are designed to help the body let go of its old patterns 
and behaviours, which can

cause as many stresses and strains as muscle tension. 

"Lomi - lomi" translates to "rub rub" in Hawaiian, and reflects the broad, flowing strokes made with the therapist's fingers, thumbs,

palms, arms and elbows. 

Macadamia, palm and coconut oils are usually used 
as moisturisers in lomi - lomi massage, to keep the strokes smooth and

to nourish the skin. 

is lomi - lomi massage good for?
Lomi - lomi aims to treat the body and mind as one whole being. It is thought to: 

·       release tension

·       assist blood and lymph flow

·       eliminate waste and stimulate toxins

·       rejuvenate the body

instil a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing. 

Before you go
The nature 
of lomi - lomi means that you probably won't be able to wear very much.
It's worth remembering that the oils used in massage are not kind to hair 
or make-up, so you might not want to return to work

straight after your treatment.
Avoid eating heavy meals or drinking alcohol in the hours leading up to 
you rmassage

What to expect from 
lomi - lomi massage
Instead of being covered with towels, you might just have one towel or a small sheet to preserve your modesty.
These steps are taken to avoid interrupting the continuous flow of 
the massage

Lomi - lomi usually begins with a period of stillness between therapist and recipient, sometimes with the therapist's hands resting

lightly on the recipient's back.
During this moment of stillness, a 
traditional lomi - lomi practitioner would say a blessing or prayer, asking for whatever healing is needed. 

The therapist will work intuitively with your body, with fluid, rhythmic strokes to release and shift tensions. 

There is no set format for 
the massage itself, so no two Hawaiian massages are the same. 

The treatment may be slow and relaxing or faster and more invigorating, depending on how your body responds.
You might find that the therapist massages two different parts of your body simultaneously - this is to stop your brain from

focusing on any one area and therefore helps to aid relaxation. 

Your therapist may make full-body or under-body strokes, lightly stretch your limbs and carefully rotate your joints.
These techniques are thought to free up your energy flow, and the therapist will perform them very gently, staying within your

comfort zone and level of resistance. 

You will feel blissfully relaxed after your Hawaiian massage, and nurtured from top to toe.