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Q  8

Where is my accommodation at your location?

A  8

If that is agreeable with you, and if you have a guest room, I do not have a problem staying at your home.
My only request is to have or be able to prepare vegetarian / vegan food.
If your home does not have a guest bedroom or if you prefer that I sleep in a hotel and take care of my own food, I would be happy to do so. I leave all of these options open and will work with you so that every aspect of our business relationship is within your comfort zone.

Q  9

Does the therapist have his own equipment?

A  9

I travel with my own massage table.
I can bring my own oils, sheets, towels and everything else that I need for the therapy treatments. If you prefer, I can also use your oils or lotions. I will just need your advice about where to regularly wash the sheets and towels.

Q  4

What are our payment options? 

A  4

At this time CashPayPal and Google Wallet payments are available. 

Please send payments to:


Q  1

Can I trust this therapist?

 A  1

This is definitely a valid question because you will have the option to transfer money upfront to cover my round–trip travel expenses.

•  Will I show up at your location? YES I WILL.

•  Can this person deliver what he claims he can do with his Synergy Bodywork Therapy?  YES I CAN.

•  Can he be trusted in my home? MOST DEFINITELY YES.

•  Is he a professional and does he have the documentation to back up his education? YES, OF COURSE.

I have worked long and hard to earn my good reputation and I intend to stay in this business. 
I have already been in many homes and, as you can read, my clients always leave positive feedback.
Find out for yourself why my clients want to see me more than once.

Get in touch with me with confidence

Q  7

Can I refer your services to my family, friends and business partners?

A  7

Your referrals will help me grow my business.
If you are happy with my services, I would appreciate you writing a review.
Send me your e–mail so that I can post your comments on this website.

Q  6

What's in it for the therapist?

A  6

I have the opportunity to travel around the world, meet new people and help those in need with my SBT.  

Q  5

For how long will I stay with you?

A  5

I will stay with you for as long as you need me there or for as long as my schedule allows. 
So clients can benefit from multiple treatments and because of the extensive logistics involved, as well as my round–trip travel time, there is a 5 day minimum stay at your location. I can make an exception to the 5 day minimum if you live close by.
I might be able to help you out with my SBT during a long weekend, for example. 

Q  2

Does provide world–wide SBT service?

A  2 was created to make Synergy Bodywork Therapy available to everyone, regardless of where 
you are, world–wide. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about The Traveling Therapy, SBT treatments, wellness packages and workshops. Zvonko Bacar is your trusted massage therapist

Q  3

Can I give my therapist a tip / gratuity?

A  3

My philosophy is that gratuities should never be demanded nor refused.
A gratuity should be given because you were thrilled with the therapist and not as a requirement.
Please give at your own discretion and never feel obligated.