Improving  Life  Quality

THE Traveling Therapy  is  unique  in  many  ways  –  Find  out  why

  • Synergy Bodywork Therapy is a holistic approach where one’s physical, emotional and energy levels are taken in consideration and worked          with. 

  • Over the years I have learned and used different modalities and techniques that alleviate pain or help my clients feel better and, thus, have           improved their quality of life. 

  • What makes SBT very efficient is the use of elements from various techniques that provide maximum efficiency within the same prolonged            and detailed treatment.

  • The best time to act upon prolonging the physical wellbeing is at its peak. With SBT you can receive treatments to maintain your well–being. 

  • If you are an active sports person, I can help you with SBT achieve and maintain your physical, mental and emotional top form. 

  • SBT can help with: Post–surgery recovery; Accident rehabilitation; Post–stroke recovery . . . and much more.

  • Each treatment can be customized to your specific daily needs and desires.

  • With SBT you can always receive a different treatment and the sequence will never feel the same.                                                                           It is as though you were always getting the best massage in your life.

  • Your body feels different each day and your muscles need a different approach. Your therapist should know how to not just relax                            them but also to release the tension in the muscles. I know !

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a massage table set up in your home for several days and just get on it when you want a treatment?                              This beats going to your local massage studio or getting a limited–time massage at your home by a local therapist. 

Thank you for allowing me to help you with my SBT.