Improving  Life  Quality

THE Traveling Therapy  is  unique  in  many  ways  –  Find  out  why

About  me

I have always been intrigued by the human body and the body – mind connection.

Since 1991, I have been taking different bodywork, massage, therapeutic treatment, energy healing, meditation and yoga classes in Europe and the US.

I have owned and operated a successful massage therapy business in Arizona – USA.

Having gained many years of professional experience and effectively utilized different efficient therapeutic treatment modalities, I no longer want to be limited to one location and offer my services only in one particular city, state or country.

Over the years I have seen that most people like to receive therapy treatments in the comfort of their home. 

I would like to share my experience and improve quality of life with Synergy Bodywork Therapy for everyone, no matter where on the planet they live. 

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in my Synergy Bodywork Therapy.


Zvonko Bacar